History Group and Gallery

In 1868 The North and South Saanich Agricultural Society was formed.
In 2017, the History Group was formed in preparation for our 150th anniversary that would happen in 2018.
The History Group hosts its treasures onsite and the collection is available for the public to view during our annual Saanich Fair on the Labour Day weekend.
We are grateful that the Pioneer Society and Heritage Acres have collaborated with the NSSAS History Group to both document pioneer stories and locate and preserve pictures and artifacts.
The group welcomes the donation of pictures, items and documents both of the Fair and the Fairgrounds from the public. Please contact our main office and we'll get the History Group in touch with you.

Saanich Fair 2019

The first fair was in 1868

Saanich Fair

See some of the photos.

Past Photos

In no order, these are some fun photos of the past.


After over 150 years, there are many memories.


A few notables.


Farmers who  worked the Saanich Peninsula.

Past Catalogs

The front pages of the Saanich Fair prize catalogs.


Each cover tells a story
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