Rent for your Event at the Saanich Fairground

Aerial vioew of main facilities atthe Saanich Fairground
The central buildings and rooms at the Saanich Fairground. The RCMP Barn, Agriplex, stables and riding rings are to left (west); the market field is to the right (east).

Saanich Fairground Rentals:  Winter/Spring/Summer 2021

The North & South Saanich Agricultural Society (NSSAS) has rented out many of its facilities for a major film production over the winter months, allowing us to generate adequate income to continue operations through to next year’s Saanich Fair. As a result we have limited opportunities for room rentals through mid-May 30, 2021. The capacity in each room is also limited due to current COVID-19 Public Health Orders (PHOs) limiting events to 50 people and requiring social distancing. At this time we are able to accommodate some meeting and small event rentals in the Main Hall – Juniper Room (capacity 15) and Cedar Room (capacity 50) – and the Willow Building (capacity 6). The Agriplex barn is also available for rent. We ensure that we have bathroom facilities flagged specifically for your event or activity. Please contact our office for more details and we will do our best to try and accommodate your needs.

While the average number of daily new cases of COVID-19 has dropped since the peak in late November and there is fresh hope offered by new vaccines, we are not out of the COVID-19 woods! As the owner/operator of the Saanich Fairground, the North & South Saanich Agricultural Society is obligated to follow Public Health Orders. The course of the pandemic is not predictable nor can we predict the timing or impact of future Public Health Orders. Although situation is looking more positive, we cannot guarantee that an event or activity you book today will be will be permitted in the future. The Public Health Orders that could impact your event are the orders that are in effect when your event is held, not now when you are booking a room or facility.

Why do we ask for a COVID-19 plan and what do we expect? Like local governments, we currently require renters provide an approved COVID-19 plan. While NSSAS can provide some direction, ultimately it is your responsibility as an organizer to understand and adhere to Public Health Orders and BC Centre for Disease Control (BC CDC) guidelines. Because the situation is fluid and PHOs can change at any time, we ask organizations to check their plan through Island Health – please speak with an Environmental Health Officer at the local Gateway office of Island Health (250-519-3401). Here’s a link to Public Health Orders and guidelines:

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to manage our way through the pandemic.


With 8 rental rooms we have something for every need. 


We have two large barns, 3 small barns, stables, 5 rings and 3 fields on our 22 acres.
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